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Kyvos Accelerates Business Intelligence in the Cloud

Posted by David Menninger on Jun 10, 2022 3:00:00 AM

Organizations are scaling business intelligence initiatives to gain a competitive advantage and increase revenue as more data is created. Lack of expertise, data governance and slow performance can impact these efforts. Our Analytics and Data Benchmark Research finds some of the most pressing complaints about analytics and BI include difficulty integrating with other business processes and flexibility issues. Kyvos is a BI acceleration platform that enables BI and analytics tools to analyze massive amounts of data. It offers support for online analytical processing-based multidimensional analytics, enabling workers to access large datasets with their analytics tools. It operates with major cloud platforms, including Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

OLAP is Kyvos’ patented, cloud-based implementation designed to handle the combinatorial explosion that happens while pre-aggregating trillions of rows of data. Business workers can build scalable cubes using its algorithms that enable aggregations on very large data sets. Kyvos claims near linear scalability that enables thousands of concurrent users to query the cubes. Kyvos also offers a business abstraction layer – Smart Semantic Layer – that provides a comprehensive view of data by uniformly maintaining business metrics, data access rules and calculation logic in one place. Good data governance can help ensure data quality, and higher quality data is likely to lead to better decisions and, therefore, more improvements in business activities and processes. Kyvos’ semantic layer acts as a central governance gateway, enabling a consistent data view and delivering high performance across all queries. This makes it easy for workers to consume enterprise data without worrying about the size and technical complexity of the data source. Kyvos partners with various software vendors including Snowflake, Tableau, Microstrategy, Looker and Cloudera. It recently announced an integration for Alteryx. Kyvos also announced its technology partnership with Fluence to combine advanced, big data analytics with XLCubed, a self-serve Excel-based reporting software. Traditional BI technologies don’t work very well with a large volume of data, resulting in performance issues. With the pace of data accumulation continuing to grow, legacy OLAP solutions face several limitations. To analyze a massive number of rows of data, organizations need cloud-native OLAP technology that is scalable and can be engineered for performance and reduced complexity. Kyvos enables workers to scale analytics in the cloud, accelerate decision-making processes and improve operational efficiency. Organizations looking to perform BI on big data in the cloud or on-premises while providing a unified view of the business should consider the capabilities of Kyvos. With its OLAP technology, Kyvos builds a BI acceleration layer on advanced data platforms that enable workers across the organization to perform self-service, interactive analysis on very large data sets using a variety of BI tools.


David Menninger

Topics: Business Intelligence, Data Governance

David Menninger

Written by David Menninger

David is responsible for the overall research direction of data, information and analytics technologies at Ventana Research covering major areas including Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence and Information Management along with the additional specific research categories including Information Applications, IT Performance Management, Location Intelligence, Operational Intelligence and IoT, and Data Science. David is also responsible for examining the role of cloud computing, collaboration and mobile technologies as they affect these areas. David brings to Ventana Research over twenty-five years of experience, through which he has marketed and brought to market some of the leading edge technologies for helping organizations analyze data to support a range of action-taking and decision-making processes. Prior to joining Ventana Research, David was the Head of Business Development & Strategy at Pivotal a division of EMC, VP of Marketing and Product Management at Vertica Systems, VP of Marketing and Product Management at Oracle, Applix, InforSense and IRI Software. David earned his MS in Business from Bentley University and a BS in Economics from University of Pennsylvania.