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Posted by Ventana Research on Dec 6, 2017 5:39:34 AM

I’m thrilled to announce to my HCM vendor and practitioner network as well as the ever-expanding Ventana Research community that I’m now directing Ventana’s HCM practice. I will be working closely with our CEO and Chief Research Officer Mark Smith, who is a fellow HCM enthusiast and thought leader.

Many who know me have already commented that Ventana’s strengths – in total compensation management, learning, payroll, performance management, recruiting and workforce management – are a perfect fit for my background. They point to my senior HR practitioner experience across all these core process areas, plus product strategy leadership roles at both established and emerging players. I also believe the many articles and white papers I’ve written on topics such as bots/AI in HR, what really drives or impedes employee engagement, and which innovations are “sizzle vs. steak” reflect an approach very compatible with Ventana Research’s.

This firm’s reputation rests in large part on providing insights drawn from objective, quantitative research, delivered in a variety of useful and actionable forms. Our benchmark and Dynamic Insights research and Value Indexes are all designed to guide HR and business leaders facing key HCM-related decisions about processes, systems, data and people. Modern enterprises need pointed and pragmatic advice and guidance to be successful in this era of rapid change and continuous innovation.

HR organizations must also adapt to successfully execute within a VUCA world – a world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. HR leaders must be skilled at using tools, optimized processes and big data frameworks to drive employee engagement, retention and productivity, even while their organizations are changing business models, entering new markets, restructuring or dealing with a post-M&A workforce integration. Risk mitigation is critical, but it’s not enough. Organizations must also cultivate HCM opportunities.

Digital HCM is a management approach that harnesses the power of high-value data, innovative technologies and a more on-demand environment with AI/cognitive elements, predictive capabilities and engaging, personalized and friction-free user experiences. The goal: Achieve maximum workforce productivity and impact. Digital HCM is not a future consideration. It is here today, and HR needs to take the lead on ushering in this very different type of operating model. It also requires that attention be given to organizational readiness, making the case for change, and delivering the tools and processes to achieve it.

It all comes down to being informed, making strategic investments and maximizing the alignment of HCM strategies, offerings and delivery infrastructures. That is the mission of Ventana Research’s HCM Practice, one that has served many vendors and enterprise clients well for 15 years now. I look forward to extending the firm’s value and influence in the market even more through my extensive experience and my keen interest in knowing what keeps operators on all sides of the HCM value chain up at night.

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