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Moovila Manages Work for Digital Business

Posted by Mark Smith on Dec 29, 2022 3:00:00 AM

The management of work is a focal point for every organization that has people and resources directed to accomplish the smallest to largest of tasks. But many organizations are not easily able to manage complex activities because the details of how people are assigned and complete work are not as simple as they should be. Traditional project management methods and technologies have failed to work in an enterprise manner, so new approaches have emerged to meet today’s challenges. The essence of work management is to ensure the automation and intelligence afforded by the technology industry is infused in how organizations operate, as outlined in my perspective.

Moovila offers technology to aid in managing work and its portfolio of resources and tasks. Moovila unifies project and resource methods into a portfolio approach where tasks can beVR_Digital_Biz_2023_Coverage_Logo managed in a structured or unstructured manner. All project participants – from workers to managers – see and contribute to task details. Most important is the advancement of its collaborative aspects for managing projects, including messaging and chat for notifications that engage people to act, resolve issues and expedite opportunities. It has continued to demonstrate its focus on innovation, earning our 14th Annual Digital Innovation Award for its application of artificial intelligence in its virtual assistant and governance of projects to identify risk points before they become issues.

The software provides dynamic insights on portfolio health to highlight actions that can resolve issues generated by capacity challenges, delays or dependencies. Moovila defines this effort as intelligent project control. The approach exceeds that offered by other vendors, providing advanced visibility into work management that enhances organizational competencies and readiness. This makes project management more effective – not just executing work but anticipating challenges in managing to expected deadlines and outcomes.

Moovila has advanced the potential of digital business through its work management offering. It has demonstrated its value in support of organizations by receiving the 2021 Digital Leadership Award for deployment at International Gaming Technology. Going forward, Moovila would benefit from additional focus on addressing faster task cycles and are more essential in digital and services related industries. I envision that, through 2025, the use of work management will be an essential investment to increase effectiveness of the workforce and reach optimal outcomes.

Work management should be the focal point of digital business initiatives to ensure effectiveness of the workforce and the engagement and productivity needed to deliver expected outcomes. The opportunity to embrace an intelligent and automated approach to work management is now possible with technology like that from Moovila. Organizations seeking a collaborative approach to work management should consider Moovila.


Mark Smith

Topics: Digital Business, Work Management

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Mark Smith

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